What did not exist, happened...

a web-doc-project by muton.at

commissioned by

Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg (University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
and International Institute of Subjective Experience and Research (ISER)
at the MSH Medical School Hamburg

muton.at is a rechargeable cell for cross-media experience.
Various artists join this field for collaboration.
muton.at was founded in 2006 in Berlin/Germany.

The web-doc-project ,what-did-not-exist-happenedʻ
has been developed and realised by muton.at_2014.
In charge of this project:
Henrietta PitschPatsch and Lou Favorite (based in Berlin).


The project workflow started with the idea of transforming
an artistic lecture into a space of art experience itself.
muton.at invented a bunch of cross-media tools, relying on
the curiosity and the human play instinct of the contemporary user
plus 'a lust for life' ingredient.

Things might happen, experience might grow.
Something yet unknown, an unpredictable path to be detected.

Enjoy yourself! Keep the nerve!

Tech Specs:
muton.at executed audio-, photo- and videofootage taken at the
Artistic Research Congress in 2013.
A wide range of media comes into operation; f. e.:
Html 5, CSS 3 based animation usable on PC as well as on mobile devices.

© muton.at_2014

Contact: mail@muton.at