Psycho-Logica or Psych-Aesthetica?


Arts therapies are a processing way of working.
The process is focused on doing and handling in a multimodal environment.

It is a context dependable situation: The undergoing of the affects of
forming and transforming in arts modalities in the
active doing and interaction is active in the client-therapist relationship.
This dynamic forming is focused on giving sensitivity to searching
for personal sense. This is an aesthetical experience.
It is multi-modal. It is not a logical analysis of evidence
from a chronological A to B to C perspective.
Therefore the words we use should be at first peri-verbal
as in poetry and after that more professional.

We have to look for research approaches, methods and designs that fit this
aesthetical fundamental start position in thinking about arts therapies.


Han Kurstjens is a psychologist, music therapist and supervisor:
MA, SRMTh, supervisor, researcher KenvaK and musician.

He works as a lecturer in music therapy at the HU University of Applied Sciences in Amersfoort (NL).
He is also a member of KenvaK, a research collaboration between several universities for arts therapies and research.

Han Kurstjens is also working as a music therapist and supervisor in private practise.

His field of interest is a music-centered approach, morphological
and phenomenological music therapy.


Han Kurstjens