“What did not exist, happened”  - About the Third


In art therapy the so-called Third is a key term
that is either based on the work as a Third in the therapeutic relationship
or characterizes those moments in therapy when "suddenly"
something happens or appears
that is due to the emergent qualities of the artistic process.

In this context the question often arises of
how the theoretical knowledge which can be expressed discursively -
and the aesthetic experience emerging from the artistic process relate to each other.
In order to determine this relationship,
the theories that are associated with the Third will be outlined and then
the Third will be investigated as a subject of the philosophy of aesthetics.

Thus the aesthetic experience becomes evident as
a decisive moment for change and development in therapy.


Peter Sinapius, PhD., MSH Hamburg

Peter Sinapius is professor at MSH Medical School Hamburg (Germany)
and runs the programme "Expressive Arts in Social Transformation”.

He has studied painting in Kassel and San Francisco,
Art Therapy at the University of Cologne,
advanced Graduate Studies in Expressive Arts: Therapy,
Education and Consulting at European Graduate School (EGS).
Dissertation: "Aesthetics of Therapeutic Relationships”.
He is a member of the Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER)
and has published numerous books on theory and practice of Art Therapy.

Peter Sinapius