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Welcome to the Artistic Research in Applied Arts Project based on the Artistic Research in Applied Arts International Conference (May 2013).

Focused on a contribution to the development of scientific foundation of research methods in applied arts, this web-doc-project intends to share a variety of artistic experience possibilities.
Since this project works with the idea of TIME, DISRUPTION and IMAGINATIVE SPACE we would like to ask for patience, curiosity and an open mind to slow-time experience in a quick-time media.

This web-doc-project might give an idea of cognitive possibilities used as trigger tools for research methods in the artistic context by exploring alternative, non-linear and cross-media reception of scientific content. In order to offer a documentary as a field of experience your participation will be evident.

A web-doc-project by

on behalf of

Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg (University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and
International Institute of Subjective Experience and Research (ISER) at the MSH Medical School Hamburg

supported by Friedrich Stiftung, der Paritätische, Volksbank e.G. Wümme-Wieste


The conference extended a contribution to the developement of scientific foundation for research methods in applied arts.

Scholarly debate about artistic research moves between the attempt to create systematic methods and
an effort to maintain a certain amount of subjectivity, inherent to any artistic process.
The adaptation of methods and concepts from the field of artistic research for therapeutic and pedagogical purposes, touches epistemological as well as practical questions, relevant to research in general.

This conference aimed to push the expert talk about artistic research into a genuine artistic context:
a mutual setting which investigates the possibilities of art-based research in applied therapeutic and pedagogical fields.
Therapeutic practise in Europe, working with the healing and preventative potential of artistic means,
is nowadays an evidence-based field of research.
It hardly acknowledges the potential of artistic practice for a different and deeper comprehension.

The design of the conference itself was drafted as an artistic approach.


Dr. Margaret Hills de Zárate, United Kingdom, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh; Jonathan Isserow, United Kingdom, University of Roehampton; Han Kurstjens M.A., Netherlands, University of Utrecht; Dr. Alice Lagaay, Germany, Bremen University; Laura von Raffay, Neele Ruckdeschel, Germany, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg; Jörg Holkenbrink, Germany, Bremen University; Prof. Michael Dörner, Germany, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg; Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schmid, Germany, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg; Prof. Peter Sinapius PhD., Germany, MSH Medical School Hamburg